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Mongolian Partliament

Countries have reinforced and integrated Inclusive Green Economy goals and targets into national economic and development planning aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

PAGE supports countries through Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis, prioritization of IGE sectors, as well as mobilization and engagement of public, private and civil society stakeholders.

 Achievements to 2020:

  • 43 national development plans or cross-sectoral strategies integrating IGE priorities supported by PAGE in 15 countries 
  • 40 reports completed (8 additional reports in 8 countries in 2020) providing national IGE diagnostics, assessments and policy analysis and feeding into national planning processes 
  • 113 cross-sectoral consultations (12 additional consultations in 7 countries in 2020) organized to mobilize stakeholders, share results of policy analysis and consult priorities 
  • 221 institutions of public, private and civil society stakeholders mobilized and engaged in cross-sectoral IGE prioritization
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