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Recycling center in Kazakhstan

Partner countries are implementing evidence-based sectoral and thematic reforms in line with inclusive green economy priorities.

PAGE supports countries and provinces with sectoral and thematic diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis, and with advisory support, integrated into the design and advancement of sectoral and thematic policies, strategies and plans. 

The mobilization of partners to support Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) transformation, including donors, international organizations, civil society, academic and research institutions, and the private sector, is another key area of support. 

 Achievements to 2020:

  • 37 sectoral or thematic policies supporting IGE priorities supported by PAGE in 13 countries (10 additional policies in 5 countries in 2020)
  • 85 reports (16 additional reports in 2020) completed, providing sectoral or thematic IGE diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis 
  • 161 consultations (30 additional consultations in 2020) held to share results of sectoral policy analysis 
  • 49 partners in 15 countries (4 additional partners in 2020) formally agreed to co-financing, complementary follow-up programming, pledges, and public-private partnerships 
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