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Individual, institutional and planning capacities for inclusive green economy action strengthened at national and global level.

PAGE has been supporting partner countries by way of designing and implementing nationally tailored training packages and programmes on specific priority areas with the overall objective of capacity-building and awareness creation on Inclusive Green Economy (IGE). 

 Achievements to 2020:

  • 72 national institutions strengthened capacity to deliver IGE policy analysis or training or to lead policy and stakeholder consultation processes 
  • 15,123 people (8,496 additional in 2020) trained through national and sub-national level training programmes and in globally or regionally offered on-line training programmes and on- campus training programmes 
  • An average of 93% of course and training participants reported increased capacity on IGE related issues in national, global and regional training programmes
  • 21 training packages (6 additional in 2020) of IGE training programmes and specific training modules offered to countries (on the global and national level)
Strengthening Capacity
  • Mongolia has strengthened both institutional and individual capacities for IGE action — and it has built public awareness through media training and communication campaigns, additionally sharing knowledge and experience via lectures, press talks and interviews.

  • PAGE has worked with universities, government institutions and international training and research centres to increase knowledge and capability.

  • In particular, Senegal showcases a successful example of an institutional approach to training green entrepreneurs through a training of trainers programme, run with local partners with a proven multiplier effect.

  • PAGE has collaborated with government institutions, universities and academia to strengthen foundational learning on IGE, including the Ghana Education Services.

  • PAGE has worked with government institutions, universities and academia on a national level to increase knowledge and capacity. Efforts have also been made on an international level to share lessons and expand the partnership’s reach.

  • Burkina Faso took an institutional approach to training green entrepreneurs, as well as agricultural stakeholders through a train-the-trainer programme, run with local partners, for a proven multiplier effect.

  • In addition to completing a detailed learning assessment in 2017, PAGE has supported the long-term integration of green economy into nationally run education programmes. South Africa has also made significant efforts to learn from other PAGE countries.

  • PAGE has supported capacity-building in Jiangsu and beyond through the organization of events, partnerships with provincial stakeholders and the development of networks/platforms.

  • Capacity-building is being supported through a detailed assessment of learning needs, together with training across several thematic and sectoral areas, including waste management, tourism and agriculture.

  • In addition to the Green Economy Learning Needs Assessment developed in 2018, a core element of Kyrgyz Republic’s capacity-building efforts is the annual Green Economy Week, which supports knowledge sharing on both national and international levels, with additional initiatives building individual and institutional capacity completed.

  • PAGE has carried out a number of capacity-building efforts aligned to sectoral and thematic areas. These include green entrepreneurship and green and inclusive production services. In addition, it has participated in several collaborative activities within Latin America and globally and completed a Green Economy Learning Assessment that will feed into a national capacity strengthening plan.

  • PAGE capacity-building in Guyana has focused on training government stakeholders, media, civil society and the wider public — helping to build momentum for green economy policies and create ownership of a shared vision.

  • Through training programmes and South-South exchange, PAGE work has continued to build both individual and institutional capacity in Argentina, supporting foundational progress.

  • PAGE has supported capacity development in India through the development of course modules and training sessions, as well as through global outreach on inclusive green economy transformation.

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