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Global Level Trainings

National Level Trainings

  • Economic modelling
  • Design thinking
  • Green economy training for media and journalists
  • Green economy training for decision makers in local government
  • Green economy training for decision makers in central government
  • Training of trainers
  • Material flow accounting
  • Key sectors including: Green buildings, Energy efficiency, Water efficiency, Waste management, Industrial waste characterization, Sustainable consumption and production, Green industry, Green entrepreneurship, Trade, Green economy learning
  1. 97 %

    of respondents say the training was useful

  2. 93 %

    of participants say that the training increased their capacity to identify and create opportunities for the promotion of an Inclusive Green Economy

  3. 81 %

    of respondents have applied the knowledge or skills provided by the training

  4. 61 %

    of participants enrolled in PAGE training for professional reasons, such as advancing in their current position or moving into a different area of work

  • “I like so many things about the course [Green Industrial Policy]. First of all, given the prevailing problem of COVID-19, I thought the course was well organized. Secondary, all the lectures, lecturers, and other facilitators as well as the organizers were simply amazing. The breakout sessions and other exercises were equally interesting.

    Above all, the course was informative, educative as it exposed me to some new concepts. I do not have anything I can say I dislike about the course except that I would be looking forward to having onsite training from you in the future.”

  • “The modules [within the Introduction to Green Economy] are well thought out, and carefully presented. It does not overwhelm with information — there is a good balance between audio, visual presentations.”

  • “Among the e-courses I have done, this [Introduction to Green Economy] was the best one. The slides were very clear, not too information-dense and the mix of videos, reading and activities was engaging so that I didn’t get bored.”

  • “I love the course [Green Fiscal Policy] since it’s touching real-life activities.”

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